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ROK Scholar Application (2024-2025)

Reaching Our Kids (ROK) is a local non-profit organization that provides a unique blend of academic scholarships and mentoring to Barstow’s high school students who display academic promise in the face of considerable social circumstances. Unlike most scholarship programs that target young children and distribute scholarship rewards for college, ROK targets junior high students and awards them while in high school. Thus, ROK is one of the nation’s only true “High School Scholarship Programs”. The scholarship is designed to help cover school clothing, yearbooks, letterman jackets, college application fees, and a host of other school-related expenses. Scholarship recipients must commit to maintaining a GPA of 2.5 or higher, and completing a customized plan that includes community service, leadership preparation, and multi-level mentoring. Criteria taken into consideration for all applicants include GPA, interview, citizenship, career goals, and a recommendation from (2) community members.


We are excited to partner with 8th-grade students with great academic and career dreams but need a little seasoning to reach their full potential. Is that you? Be advised: You will need your parent’s permission and the use of a personal email address to complete the application. Deadline: March 1, 2024

Current Grade Leve

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What is your parents' highest level of education?

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Will you be the first in your family to attend a four-year college?

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What is your ethnic background?

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Contact details of two (2) community members who will recommend you: *Please contact the recommenders for approval prior to submitting their information.

Additional Information

The following pieces of information will be used for identification and verification purposes.

Please upload a copy of your Jr. High transcripts (7th & 8th grade).

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By checking the box below, I agree that all information submitted is true and correct. Reaching Our Kids may use this information to select the scholarship recipients for the class of 2028.

Upload a simple headshot of yourself.

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Do you agree to these terms? (If under 18, the parent/guardian agrees to the terms above.)

Thank you for applying for ROK Scholarship.

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